Thursday, April 8, 2010

So it's Easter time

I went to my parents house for Easter this past weekend and a few hilarious things happened:

1. I battled with my 12 year old brother over who got to dye how many Easter eggs. I won because he used two of the eggs to make an egg-salad sandwich ... these counted towards his total egg count.

2. My brother and his friends have grown into hilarious pre-teens and say things like (and this is a legit and direct quote): "They were acting so gross at the party, doing stuff that 20 year olds would never even do. Like slapping ass." ... I replied of course with "That is gross, 20 year olds would NEVER slap ass." Then I laughed in their faces and told them that I would blog that quote.

3. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is a hilarious book - you should all read it, I finished it over Easter.

4. My cousin who was engaged has broken her engagement. While something so heinous should not make me happy, it makes me feel like less of a reject for having lived with a boyfriend and broken up.

Until next time - Smushes and Smooches xo

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