Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been a while

So this post is going to be majorly long ... take a deep breath, get a snack, and enjoy the hilarity that is my life.

After Hot Pocket left that weekend, work has gotten really crazy (hence my lack of posting for the past few weeks) and weeknight outings have been slowing down (not completely and this is temporary - I promise). That being said, I have been having ALOT of fun and with my friends, you never know what is going to happen:

Hedgehog update:
At the advice of one of the smartest single ladies that I know, I blocked him on BBM and gchat and was told "he will just think you are always offline" - this did not stop him from straight texting, calling, and emailing me at work and my gmail - FAIL. I basically ignored him until I got this email and I quote:

"hey, so I get the hint and usually i would just let it go and move on but for sanity sake can you tell me what happened? In all honesty I just I just can't figure it out. Usually its pretty obvious but with you, not so much because the last time we saw each other I thought things were going good (if not great) and then you went completely silent. Did you not like the breakfast I made? :) Just trying to avoid making the same mistakes again."

Naturally, the first thing I did when I read this was immediately (literally within 1 minute of receiving it according to email time stamps) forward to my besties with a "WTF" in the subject line. Polly Pocket was the first to reply:

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're gonna have to be honest with him ....

You just didn't like the breakfast."

Meanwhile let's review a few key points having to do with this non-relationship and the email.

1. It really was me, not him. I just am not ready for a relationship but thought I was sparing this dude by not telling him "it's me not you" ... that was obviously a mistake
2. I hate bad grammar and his email was full of it.
3. I hate corny shit and his last line was corny.
4. This is not a job interview, you cannot solicit feedback from me on what you did to apply it to a later experience.

So how this all ended up is pretty mature too (glad we are in our 20s and 30s here) ... he went away this past weekend and texted me upon his return on Sunday:

Hedge - "Hey can I get my book back? My buddy wants to borrow it"
Me - "of course"
Hedge - "cool, lets meet this week and ill give you your dvd too"

Shit. He has my Glee Season 1 dvd ... now I must meet him. Clearly I am not trying to go at this alone, so I enlist JWoww to be the awkwardness buffer. We went to see Shutter Island (love me some Leo) and went for drinks afterwards in Union Square. I text Hedgie that we are in Union Square and he is obviously miffed that JWoww is in attendance and replies "I'm in midtown". Fuck that. So I asked if he would swing by and grab it on his way home and he wrote "Just forget it. Don't worry about meeting up again. Ever." ... Does this mean I'm not getting my dvd back?

I'm not keeping this book - this is EXACTLY like the time that Bacon had my dog and it was just a reason/excuse to call me from time to time and bitch about nothing. I will be mailing the book back this weekend. Though I have thought about taking it for my collection of "personal items that random dudes trying to be my boyfriend give me during dates" ... long collection title I need to think of something more succinct ... but this would be joining the guitar pick that I got from TI 83s friend over Halloween HAH.

ANYWAY - need to run, but lots more coming later this weekend about Snowtubing, Irish weekend in Hoboken, my upcoming vacation, and of course whatever is bound to happen tomorrow night when I'm out with JWoww!!

Smushes and Smooches (or lack thereof thanks to Hedge blowing up my spot).

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