Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 for 3 in 2010

Why is it that when in a relationship women tend to get into this motherly/wifely role? Well maybe not all women, but I definitely do. And furthermore, every single time I become single, I completely revert back to a 16 year old first time drinker who parties every night and cannot discern the difference between a casual drink and total obliteration. Let's recap ...

Weekend 1: NYE 2010 ... I drank and drank and drank, made a fool of myself in front of some amazing best friends and some strangers. Awesome? Not so much ... I woke up at 4 am already hungover and spent most of the next day in the bathroom and my friend's bed. Fun night, not so fun next few days that it took to recover.

Weekend 2: Atlantic City with my 4 favorite girl friends ... it was an amazing night filled with VIP Bottle Service, stripper poles, and crashed bachelor parties. Everything you hope a night of debauchery with your besties would be. What did I come home with? A camera full of hilarious pictures and memories with my faves, a softball sized bruise, and another 2 day hangover.

Weekend 3: Bon Voyage party for my boss who is working overseas for a few months ... the party is not even to blame. Spent about an hour at my friends house drinking tequila sunrises and then took a shot of Patron. We then walked from Soho to the East Village and stopped at bars along the way. I could barely stand by the time I got to the party but kept drinking anyway. Result? Third Saturday in a row spent vomiting and/or in bed.

Moral of the story? I need to pull it together immediately and learn my limits/not try to keep up with the boys because this is just not working out.

So cheers to drinking less ... or at least being prepared with a pillow and blanket in the bathroom for my Saturday mornings.

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