Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

REFRESHING! Met a guy last night for after work drinks. I almost cancelled like 10 times and I'm not so sure why I was nervous. This guy runs a hedge fund so he will be referred to as "Hedgehog" on this blog.

So for some reason I was freaking out before I went to meet up with this guy and I kept signing on to gmail and saying "If he is on gchat, I'm just having an emergency and cancelling" ... I ended up going and as I walked up to him I literally said under my breath "I want to commit suicide right this minute" I have NO clue why I was in such a weird mood. For the first 10-15 minutes I felt a little awks then all of the sudden I felt totally at ease and ended up hanging out with him for 4 hours. No weird stories here, he is just a cool and nice guy ... wtf? This is awesome! Typical, but I met him at a bar during happy hour one day and when friends ask where we met and I say "at a bar" it's lame. Hedgehog and I agreed to this so today we've been chatting on gmail all day coming up with a cooler story about how we met to tell people. Here is what we have so far ...

A dangerous criminal was running down the street getting chased by cops. The cops violently pushed me out of the way and he caught me/saved my life from an oncoming bus. Next, the cops randomly fired their guns and Hedgehog was hit in the shoulder and in a coma for 5 days. I sat by his bedside waiting for him to wakeup ... then we met for after work drinks a few weeks later.

Could it be that I found someone who is just as nerdy as I am? ... Maybe, we'll see!

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