Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rule #1 Don't Be Prettier Than Me

I'm going to start making up rules for the dudes that I date ... the rules are in the order that I decide/discover that they exist, not in order of importance.

Rule #1: Don't be prettier than me

Last night was quite interesting. After a guy hitting on me/asking me out because I watch basketball I did not expect what was coming ...

He asked me to meet him at my fave vino bar in my work neighborhood and before I got there I had successfully put 2 runners in my tights with my own high heel and wore my fave silk dress to work that day to impress. I went to a CVS and bought new tights and put them on before the date and was laughing at myself because really? I'm human, everyone gets a runner and this guy was not uptight. OMG AM I GLAD I BOUGHT NEW ONES ... I walk in to see Scotty Reynolds all decked out in designer jeans, a cashmere sweater, carrying a Louis Vuitton tote ... wtf?

He was judging my outfit and talking with his hands so I'm fairly sure he was closeted. We had some excellent wine (which he chose and informed me that he only likes good wine) and had a good conversation, but he was not my speed at all. Between his parent's estate in Connecticut and their place in Hawaii where they "winter" (is winter even a verb? apparently so) I was in over my head with this one. We gave each other the ass out hug and said "get home safely" as we rushed for cabs ... if he calls again I will literally die laughing. So long Scotty, er I mean Louis ... Hedgehog is still in first place.

I made myself feel better by calling a girlfriend - who will be known on this blog as GTL - and complaining. She is cheering for Hedgehog anyway so she loved it. Then I bought myself some designer jeans today so that I can feel comfortable this weekend when they arrive knowing that my ass looks great and that Scotty Reynolds wouldn't be interested in it anyway because he likes dudes (no Louis tote though, sorry to disappoint) ... retail therapy ahhhhh

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