Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday night I went out with my UES native friend "J-Wow" and a bunch of people who went to college with us but I didn't know. One kid was hitting on me and when Hedgehog showed up he was totally not impressed. This boy said "what is he, 30? you can do better than that you're beautiful". While I was semi-pissed that this man-child was making fun of Hedgehog, he is still cute and I will likely try to make out with him at some point if I drunkenly see him again ... In other news, J-Wow and her friends from work left the bar and before I knew it, it was just me and Hedge. We left to grab taxis back home and I looked at him and without even thinking blurted out "Sooo you coming to Brooklyn?" In the cab I let him know that I was not going to smoosh with him because "I'm not slutty" ... not sure why drunk me thinks/says that I'm not slutty because it is a total lie.

Anyway, we get back to Brooklyn and in the elevator of my building when I hear "Well isn't this cute?" ... it was the voice that I would learn to dread this weekend of my roommate henceforth known as T-Payne. T-Payne is 11 years older than me and our roomie situation is hilarious at best and horrendous at worst. Usually, he is quiet and works alot so we don't mind each other, but this weekend was a whole different story. We get into the apartment and T-Payne starts talking to Hedgehog (and pouring him Johnny Walker Gold ... barf) about his relationship woes and other things that my date does not want to be hijacked/talked to about at 4 am the first time he comes home with me. I finally got him back and into my bed ... let's just say that him being 7 years older is a better thing than I thought. He was probably a bit of a man-whore in his hay day (like when he wasn't old and was my age) and it has paid off ... just sayin. This is this first time I've been with a guy who made it all about me instead of just trying to get theirs ... and I loved it. We went to sleep at like 8 am - got a few hours of rest, then I had to wake up and put my bedroom back together because one of my besties was coming to visit!!

I sent Hedgehog home and met up with Polly Pocket and another friend in Gramercy at 5 pm. I felt like I was still wasted even that late, but GTL let me know via text message that I was probably just sleep deprived. Best text quote from the weekend was when I complained to her that Hedge was probs taking a nap and she replied that her older man-guy was too and said "Old livers can't hang. FAIL" ... love it.

Polly and I went to see her friend in an off broadway production of a Shakespeare play. That is a little rough for me to digest on a good day ... and this was not a good day. Hungover, sleep deprived, and not understanding old English, I was waiting for it to end. Polly's friend did a great job in the show, just not my thing (and I was totally relieved when she leaned over to say "I effing hate Shakespeare" - that's my girl!)

That night we went for a few drinks and headed back to Brooklyn. No sign of T-Payne so that was great ... until he burst into my room at 6 am completely smashed. He spent about 45 minutes harrassing me and Polly and making completely heinous claims like "You get points for living with a black dude." Polly asked "How many points does she get and how can she redeem them?" Not sure where he was going with that, but I was finally able to kick him out of my room and go back to sleep.

It was an amazing weekend filled with JWow, Polly, and smooshing .... til next time

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