Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Thoughts that Probably Add to My Overall Character as an Evil Bitch

Everyday, I have thoughts in my head and LITERALLY as I think of them, I'm also thinking "what the hell happened in my life to make me so weird/mean/funny"? Some of these things are conversations that I imagine in my head that will never actually be verbalized, others are just ways of my motivating myself to do something that sucks.

Here are a few of these thoughts:

A month ago during Bikram Yoga - *It's only 115 degrees in here ... if soldiers in Iraq can stand it for months and years, I can do it for 90 minutes and not embarrass myself by walking out*

Last night during a "hill" in spin class - *My legs are buring, I'm going to quit ... no, no, childbirth would hurt more than this ... and if I think I might do that one day, I must not turn down the intensity on this bike*

Today on the very crowded A train about the fat lady huffing and puffing because I squeezed in next to her - *Lady, I don't mind cuddling you in this subway and I don't even mind it that you are at least 100 lbs overweight. But the fact that you are taking up triple the space that I am and YOU are pissed that I am squeezing in here is retarted and your fault. The MTA should charge fat people more money to ride subways (especially rude ones) since they are lowering the overall capacity of the transit system*

Sooo basically I'm an evil, heinous person and talk to myself in my head. I don't think that's the same as having voices in your head, but gives you some insight into my daily thoughts.

Smooches and smushes xo.

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