Friday, February 12, 2010

Rule #2 Stop Trying to Hang Out with Me so Much!

Okay so the big news in NYC this week was this heinous snowstorm. I can always work from home, so this was not a big deal to me and, in fact, annoyed me because my manicure place was closed the day I wanted to get a polish change. Not real sure why, in a city where very few people actually drive to get anywhere, the women who keep my nails looking fresh couldn't get to work ... but whatevs.

During what has become my daily (or all day long?) gchat flirting with Sonic on Monday (Hedgehog's new nickname fyi), he decided that we would be hanging out on Thursday night and invited himself to "crash with me in Brooklyn". I agreed and planned for Thursday. A lot goes in to having your "man-guy" sleep over on a school night ... need to clean the apartment, pick out work clothes for the next day so that he doesn't have to witness my daily wardrobe (lack thereof) meltdown, etc. So Tuesday rolls around and we are expecting this crazy blizzard and he asks if he should stay over that night since he was allowed to work from home Wednesday and that we could "get snowed in together". GTL ... I can already hear you saying AWWWWW!!!!! ... just no. I'm not sure how I feel about weekend/multiple times per week hangouts as is let alone working from home together and potentially spending multiple snowed in days getting cabin fever together. My gchat hesitation immediately made him say "you know what? I'm tired, let's keep it Thursday" ... good boy understand my life cues/random hatred of you for no reason. Maybe this one is a keeper.

Nonetheless, Wednesday (along with everyday this week since my boss left for Brazil) was especially gross-tacular and I worked for more than 10 hours with very few breaks to take photos of the snowstorm. You would think that I didn't grow up in the Northeast with the way I was amazed at the storm. Anyway, it was for the best that we did not attempt working from home together - I'm not at that level with him.

Thursday rolled around and he said he would be at my place by 730. He also decided that I will trek to Hoboken on Sunday so that he can cook for me for Valentine's day. I decided to make chicken parm (easy and a general crowd pleaser) and around 720 realized that I didn't own any bread crumbs. FML. I RAN to Walgreens ... apparently that little gem of a pharmacy chain carries everything from SPAM to Afro-Glo, but not breadcrumbs. Literally went into a store called Benhadi Supermarket (can't even make this up) to get the last ingredient I needed to make this gourmet meal designed to woo him with my "domestic skills" ... who the eff am I kidding? I am not a chef ... anyway ...

He ate my food, said it was good, cuddled with me while watching The Office. He also made a really good attempt at befriending Buster which was cute (but not successful - anytime he came within 6 inches of me, Buster was on my lap cock-blocking). T-Payne came in and of course introdiced himself like they hadn't met and shared a drunken heart to heart two weeks ago and then left. He also realized that I am one of the 1% of people in the US actually required to work on President's Day and was upset. He specifically requested my presence on Valentine's Day because "we don't have work on Monday". I told him German comany ... Germans don't care about US presidents. He changed out VDay "date" to Saturday and is begging me to see Avatar (barf). He is insisting that we see the biggest grossing movie of all time before it's out of the theatres ... I'm not generally impressed by 3 hour long movies :(

So we went to bed after some smushie smush and woke up this morning and commuted to work like a real couple. THEN I realized right around lunchtime that he already has me pinned down for a Saturday to Sunday hangout ... which means I saw him yesterday, this morning, tomorrow, and likely the next day. 4 days in a row is not okay with me and I'm starting to freak out a little. Bottom line ...

Rule #2 Don't Try to Hang Out with Me so Much!!

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