Monday, February 8, 2010

Why am I in New Jersey?

Why am I in NJ was the first thought that I had bright and early on Saturday morning ... next thought was "whoops". Let's back up about 12 hours and see what happened, shall we?

I went out to dinner with Hedgehog at Rosa Mexicana on the East side. We had sangria, great conversation, etc and then left to go to a bar. I'm 99% sure that he thinks I'm an alcoholic and just tries to impress me with booze and beer all the time. After 3 drinks he looked me dead in the eyes and said "So are we getting out of here? I can't wait to have you to myself." My normal self would have flipped the f*ck out and been annoyed and left without him, but my pitcher of sangria + many beers self was down for this. I told him that I couldn't stay up late because I had friends coming on Saturday (who had already texted me that they weren't coming due to the impending snow storm so I'm not real sure why I was lying, but I am also learning to embrace and love my drunk lies because they are hilarious and unnecessary). We got into a cab and he said Hoboken - I heard it, but did not protest since I was blacking out.

His apartment is AWESOME. He has a huge studio with views of the city but I was not that impressed with it when I woke up after a night of smushing, makeup still on my face, and realizing that my dog was probably committing suicide (don't ever get a dog). I stayed for a while, he made me eggs, we watched some of the movie Baby Mama (weird? a little.), and then he walked me to the PATH train ... the minute he walked away I hailed a cab I was not screwing around when it came to getting home as quickly as possible to walk the dog/go back to sleep. My favorite part of the ride home was texting all of my friends "Why did I wake up in NJ?" Responses included ... "Please tell me Hoboken at least" and "I hope he paid for your cab ride home." I have the best friends in the world <3 BAHAHAH

I slept most of Saturday away and then ended up going out in Brooklyn with a guy friend. We went to a spot called Camp which was awesome and looked like a summer camp (complete with the ability to make smores at your table - pretty cute). I was blackout drunk since I was obvi watching Mean Girls and drinking an entire bottle of wine while waiting for him to get to my place so when we got there and bought drinks I also gave the bartender an Amtrak ticket stub. He was impressed that we were "from Philly" and started giving us shots of Jameson for free... EPIC FAIL. I do not remember how I got home, but I woke up in my bed with my retainer in (thank god I remembered to wear that when I was blacking out).

Yesterday I walked to the grocery store and bought stuff to make my mac n cheese (I put prosciutto in it this time instead of ham ... genius) and GTL's buffalo chicken dip. I hung out by myself refusing to get off the couch and ate both of those things til I wanted to die of stomach pain and heartburn. Hedgehog texted me asking if I was busy this week and if he could come cook dinner with me and crash in BK Thursday night... he is trying to be my boyfriend and I don't know how I feel about it. YIKES.

Til next time ...

Smooches and Smushes

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