Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Makeout Sesh

I had a date with Hedgehog last night. We went to dinner at an Italian spot and as usual, I was flipping out beforehand. I was totally not into it and felt awkward blah blah blah.

Pizza and a bottle wine cured my woes and I decided once again that I like this guy. We went to an NYU dive bar (my favorite kind of place) afterwards and had beer then he went in for the kill. We had a few cute kisses and then made out a little before I got in a taxi to go home. He also asked me to hangout on a weekend instead of a work night ... is this taking things to the next level? I feel like a strictly after work dating schedule kind of keeps him out of the boyfriend realm. UGGGHHH I like this guy but I am not ready for another relationship and I feel like after the third date it is a very slippery slope so not sure what to do here!

Nonetheless, a new prospect has emerged thanks to my consistent drunken state on weekends. I was at the bar this weekend and staring at the tv (college basketball though I couldn't tell you what game if my life depended on it). He said that I was the only girl in the place watching the game and I replied that I went to a basketball school and "I like winning March Madness brackets". Apparently he though my beligerence was charming and turns out that he went to our rival school and he will only be referred to as Scotty Reynolds moving forward for obvious reasons.

Scotty looks like a Ken doll and we have a date tonight at my fave wine bar in the West Village. Thing is, after kissing Hedgehog last night I am dreading this wine date ... I suck at dating!!

Stay tuned for the Scotty update tomorrow!

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