Monday, January 11, 2010

getting caught up on the drama

Let me start out by saying that this blog is my outlet. I tend to attract major drama and have to re tell many stories a bunch of times. Basically, I need my own reality show, but figured that an anonymous blog is much less professionally and personally damaging. I'm in my 20s, starting fresh in NYC this week and plan on having a ton of fun and drama in the coming years. Pretty sure most girls can relate, so feel free to comment and join in on the fun ... here we go.

My whole life I've been serial monogamous. Jumped from high school boyfriend to college boyfriend and dated him until about 2 months ago. I thought I was headed down the aisle in the next 2 years or so when I got a speech that LITERALLY included the sentence "You are 99% perfect for me and my wife will be 100% perfect." ... vom he is so gross. Let's back up a minute. This guy who I thought was the love of my life is a cop (nicknamed in this blog Bacon to protect the guilty). Bacon moved in with me as soon as he started his job and we bought 2 dogs together - the whol picture perfect life. Shortly thereafter he cheated on me with a girl that he arrested on her SECOND dui ... again, this is just gross. We were still living together for a few months (think the movie the Breakup - totally awful when you're living it). He then decided that he needed to be single after dui girl tried to screw him over by telling her lawyer that the cop was hitting on her ... etc.

So naturally when trying to be single after a 5 year long relationship that you're still kind of in since you're sharing a one bedroom apartment HE JOINED EHARMONY. His new eharmony girlfriend seems nice, but she has friended me on facebook and keeps "liking" my pictures ... so fucking weird. I only friended her back so that she could look at the 1000+ pics of me and Bacon and feel sad about it ... I don't think it's working.

So once we finally moved out (I had to do all of the work to find a sublessee and Bacon just took his clothes and peaced out), I had about a month living at my parents house until my new lease started. Nothing like crawling back home with your tail between your legs and not being anywhere near NYC for an entire month ... putting a huge damper on my dating and social life!

Anyway, I move back to NYC this weekend and cannot wait to share my adventures with all of you!

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